About jackson Ben Designs

since 2020 we've been living in good vibrations

I may have lost my job due to the pandemic, but I followed my gut and babes it transformed my life.

Wait, you were an actor on Broadway? 

Yes, ma’am.

In 2019 I had what I thought was my dream career. I’d worked on Broadway, on National Tours, at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, among many other dreamy places and I couldn’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

TBH I wasn't happy. And for a long time I had the feeling of needing something more. 

In my life I had been told I could only be one thing. Only amount to one thing. And boy oh boy, the people who told me that were dead wrong.


Suddenly I couldn’t work in the theatre anymore and my entire world opened up (while, of course, being completely isolated)

I  realized that I wasn't fulfilled in my career and I hadn't been for a while. I was tired of asking others if I was good enough to work, I was tired of never feeling supported, and I desperately wanted freedom to do what I wanted and be where I wanted to be while working the hours that I felt were manageable for me. 

I didn’t find graphic and web design overnight

I tried on a lot of different pants before finally finding this gem (my gem) of a freelance career. And I freaking love it.

Becoming a graphic and web designer is one of the things I was born to do. And I don’t mean to brag, but I am freaking great at it.

Best part? I get to do what I love, I give myself permission to value my worth, I work the hours I want to work, and I get to spend more time with my family.

I’ve worked with mega stars

In just three years of business I have worked with over 150 people all over North America. I’ve worked with writers, social media managers and life coaches, professional speakers, actors and studio owners, among many, many others. And my clients are INCREDIBLE. Their work inspires me and has been featured in The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Oprah Magazine, HGTV, Netflix and many other impressive places.

My biggest brag is that my clients always walk away feeling represented, confident and most importantly they walk away EXCITED to share their URL with the world.

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Jackson ben > Jax & Ben

A company named after the best boy

Being home with Ben all day in our favourite room in the house; me working, Ben napping - was our dream come true. 

He passed away in December of 2023. I miss him. And I couldn't think of a better way to keep his spirit close than to continue having his name as a part of my company.  

On February 1, 2023 my daughter Alison (Al) was born.

She strengthened my belief that you should be able to do what you love and not spend every hour of your day doing it.

At the end of the day her little face is what it’s all about. 

we're moms so we get it

Meet Jo: the best teammate a girl could ask for.

Jo wrote a whole bio for our website but I'm going to brag about her instead - because she DESERVES IT.

Jo made JB a team and a company with her incredible kindness and her way of pulling me into an organized stasis (I am a mess without her). She handles all accounts, all admin and all of my design coordination. Without her Jackson Ben and I would be nothing.

We get what it's like to have "mom brain", that sometimes you just need a mo’, that coffee is king, and that moms are the most badass entrepreneurs on this planet. AKA if you’re a mompreneur we’d love to work with and support you in unlocking your mompreneurial dreams.

My mission

You better believe I got your back

I want you to feel like your business is YOUR business: not a copycat of someone else’s. When you look at your designs, hand out your URL, wear your company t-shirts: my goal is to make you feel like you are sharing something you LOVE and are OBSESSED with and that you know NO ONE ELSE has.

There is no one else in the world like you; your business and the designs for your business should follow the same rule. 

My services are for you if:

You’re ready to take your business from zero to hero

You’re ready to find your target audience and make them obsessed with you

You’re ready to give yourself permission to thrive

You have an excellent business idea but need the support to get it rolling

You’re ready to finally leave your 9-5

You’ve been sitting on launching your business and need one final push

You’ve had a site up for years but it no longer represents who you are and isn’t reaching the right people

You want your website to seamlessly work for you, be easy to update, and to stand out from the crowd

You’re ready to follow your gut and get the life you want

Is this you? Then let's do it