So you're looking for an epic portfolio to show off your work to potential employers or clients?

This is the place to get it. As an artist, actor, and creative myself I completely get you and know how to hook you up with everything you need for an awesome, beautiful, and UNIQUE website.

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I have four options for how I can help you.

But first, can I just say you deserve a website and a brand that will show off who YOU are as an artist. Not by copycatting someone else, using a generic template that has zero personality or slapping your stuff down on a page just to get 'er done.

I'm glad you're here because that means you are ready for a website that will show off who you are as a professional working artist. Huzzah! Let's do this!

"I love the site that Jacqueline built for me. I'm so proud of the work we did together."

"From the get go, her communication and schedule are easy to understand, she is always accessible (bless), and was amenable to changes (double bless). In fact, her attitude towards changes, which she described as play, made me rethink and re engage with the massive task being undertaken. Instead of being stressed by the work, I embraced the creative challenge. Thank you Jacqueline!"

Maryam Siddiqi

"Jacqueline brought my vision to life! She built a functional and stunning website and made the process so easy."

"And thank you for the incredible SEO work. I have been getting so many new clients through them finding me on my website. This has never happened to me before, so clearly I needed you!"

Lily McEvenue
Pilates studio owner

"Jacqueline brought life back into our branding and our web design"

"We are so thankful for the user-friendly website and the personable branding she created for us. Thank you so much, Jacqueline!"

Andorlie Hillstrom
Artistic Producer

Let my work speak for itself.

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How long is the brand and web design process from start to finish?

From the moment you book your consultation call to your launch date, the process normally takes 2-3 months. *depending on your design needs and my availability


How does the scheduling for payment work?

I ask for a 50% retainer fee when you first book with me. The remaining will be due at launch.


Is the "Julie Template" easy to customize?

YES! And I have put together a video walk through for you with easy to follow steps starring yours truly :)


How much does a designer day cost? And what can I get done?

A full designer day costs $1000CAD + HST. And any designs you need done: a landing page, content creation, primary logo designs, you name it!


What is your availability and when can I contact you?

I'm available through my email tues-fri 10am - 4pm. You can also send me a message over insta and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!